What Inspires You?

Sometimes you never know where your next inspiration will come from. One might go days or weeks or even months without having that moment that stops you in your tracks; makes you question [...]

The Favorite Student

The following post originally ran on Zeh Lezeh, the blog of the Ruderman Family Foundation. My son, Benji, was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder at the age of two and a half. One of the [...]

Good Will Hunter

Written by Dori Frumin Kirshner, Matan’s Executive Director Another invitation to a bar mitzvah arrived in our mailbox. I envisioned a typical service followed by the usual photo montage [...]

When Life Hands You Lemons…

The idea of having twins was something we often chided about. To say we were giddy and excited when we heard the news would be an enormous understatement. Once the magical feeling sank in, we [...]

Repairing Our World

“Okay, here I go!” our son Mickey said. He stood at the bimah, beaming a mega-watt smile at the fifty gathered friends and relatives who had come to celebrate this bar mitzvah day with him. He [...]

I Am a Person Just Like You

My name is Jacob Artson and I am a person just like you.  I am part of a wonderful Jewish family, I go to our local public high school where I am in regular English and social studies classes, I [...]