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The Matan B’nai Mitzvah Inclusion Guide is a program designed to teach b’nai mitzvah tutors about inclusion, and help them create meaningful and successful b’nai mitzvah experiences for children of all abilities. Everything you need to implement The Matan B’nai Mitzvah Inclusion Guide is contained in the curriculum itself, and can be implemented by any educator or member of clergy.

(Note: This guide is intended for a group of tutors to learn together with their facilitator. However, if you are not part of a larger organization or synagogue, and work independently as a b’nai mitzvah tutor, you CAN work through the whole curriculum on your own.)

The Matan B’nai Mitzvah Inclusion Guide is divided into 8 units:
1. Relationship-Building: The Key to Success
2. Teaching Trope and Hebrew to Diverse Learners
3. Tackling the D’var Torah
4. The Main Event
5. Mitzvah Projects
6. Case Studies
7. Navigating the “Big Day”
8. Technology, Virtual Learning and Additional Resources

Each unit should take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete, and they all follow the same format:
1. Big Ideas
2. Objectives
3. Materials
4. Accessibility Considerations
5. Facilitator Considerations

While the curriculum is intended to be used in full over 8 sessions, facilitators can “pick and choose” units if they do not have enough training time set aside.

Need more ideas? Choose a session to use at a professional development staff meeting, conduct a lesson with teachers and tutors together or select an activity to demonstrate to your lay leaders how you are making b’nai mitzvah inclusion a priority.

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