Community Needs Assessment

Matan works with stakeholders across organizations in a particular community or region in order to understand the inner workings of that community, their priorities, the local expertise that exists and the current challenges to inclusion. Matan staff produces a report and maintains ongoing communication until the community’s goals are set and “next steps” are in place.

Observations and Support

Matan staff members observe children, classes and staff in order to provide recommendations to support inclusion in formal and informal educational programs as a whole.

What People Are Saying About Matan

  • Matan met with both lay and professional leaders in our community and, in a very short amount of time, understood the lay of the land and the culture of our particular community. What they were able to achieve in just a few days…No cost, low cost as well as things to invest in – short term, long term.

    Rachel Kest
    Rachel Kest Director, Jewish Education Services at Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester
  • "The Matan Staff was an incredible addition to our summer staff training. In one morning, they informed, explained and inspired our staff on how to work with all children and staff. Their training was perfect- it was interactive, up to date and really kept our staff engaged. Throughout the summer we referenced back to their session and really we're able to use it as a tool for building an inclusive community."

    Helene Drobenare
    Helene Drobenare Director, Sprout Lake
  • "Matan provided us with an incredible roadmap to help us with community planning."

    Sonia Dobinsky
    Sonia Dobinsky VP Community Development at the Jewish Federation of St. Louis
  • “We are thrilled to bring Matan׳s training to DC and look forward to seeing its impact on the teachers, synagogues, day school and most importantly, the students. Matan׳s reputation for innovation and excellence is stellar, and your willingness to partner here honors us.”

    Steve Rakkit
    Steve Rakkit CEO, Jewish Federation of Greater Washington
  • “Prior to working with Matan, the Park Avenue Synagogue Congregational School did not have a program or plan to accommodate learners with varying degrees of special needs. With Matan's help, we created two self-contained classes, and identified learners in typical classrooms who would benefit from in-class support. Matan worked with us from start to finish: amending student intake forms, creating classes, reimagining children's success in the classrooms... Matan worked with us every step of the way to make sure we were meeting the needs of every child."

    Jennifer Stern Granowitz
    Jennifer Stern Granowitz Director of the Congregational School at Park Avenue Synagogue, NYC

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