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Ideas for an Interactive Passover Seder

Below is a sample of some interactive ideas that you can do at your Seder this year.  For the complete list of ideas click HERE.

1.  Before the Seder, put a small piece of paper under each child’s plate.  The papers will say one of four things:  1) Question, 2) Song, 3) Story, 4) Idea.  At any point during the Seder, each guest will turn in their piece of paper and offer a question, song, story or idea.  Think about which word will be under the children’s plate.  If you know that Passover songs are their strength, be sure to give them “song”; if they are great at asking questions, give them “question”; and so on.

2.  Give your child very small cups so they can drink a full cup at each of the four times during the Seder.  If they don’t like grape juice, thats ok.  You can fill them with water so they can participate in drinking from their cups 4 times.

3.  Have your guests share a way they prepared for Passover and include the kids.  They can share something they did at Hebrew school, of if they searched for crumbs in their house they can share the funniest place they found something.  This is a good activity when people are busy washing their hands (Urchatz).

4.  Have your child make the salt water.  They can do this during the beginning of the Seder or before it starts.  During the Seder, they can keep adding more salt as an experiment-how much salt do they need to make something float?  (Karpas)

5.  You can make pyramids at your table too.  Give your child sugar cubes or marshmallows and toothpicks and see how high they can make their pyramid.


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