Takeaways from my First Summer Job

What was your first job? A foundational memory for many of us. My Grandpa Howie remembers his first job – as a messenger working for United Jewish Appeal during the Six-Day War; he learned that [...]

Water: An Autistic Journey

For many Autistic people, there is one form of sensory input that is calming, focusing or perhaps invigorating. For me, this is water.   I had not spent a lot of time thinking about the [...]

Traveling to Israel

This spring I traveled to Israel with my grade. I want to share with you my experience and what I learned about myself. My first trip to Israel was in 2016 with my grandfather, cousin, and a [...]


Following an incident in school, Rafi (age 15) posted his thoughts on Facebook. Rafi has granted permission to Matan to reprint this post. I’d like to talk about something I have noticed when it [...]

Analyzing my panic attack triggers

Like any freshman, my first few months of high school have been both exciting and stressful. My friendships have grown stronger, my classes are in full swing and I have begun many extracurricular [...]