The Matan Institute is a one-of-a-kind opportunity in Jewish disability inclusion training. COHORT 11 WILL TAKE PLACE ENTIRELY ONLINE! Have cost, travel and time constraints prevented you from joining prior cohorts? Cohort 11 is for YOU! Engage with both Jewish and secular nationally renowned experts (including new sessions on educational technology and enhancing virtual learning for all students): 24 hours of learning during 6 core days, 4 hours of “Inclusion Boosts,” 16+ hours of mentoring/observation. This year only: 1 hour virtual Matan PD for your entire staff.

Topics include:

Educational Technology
Distance Learning
Learning Styles and Differentiated Instruction
Inclusion in a Jewish Context
Communicating with Families and Family-Centered Care
Positive Behavior Supports and Task Analysis
Executive Functioning
Change Management Theory

The Matan Institute for Education Directors

Current and Past Cohorts

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