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The Kveller Challenge – And an Unexpected Opportunity

Meredith Polsky

As many of you know, Kveller and Harold Grinspoon posed a challenge on Facebook to nominate and “like” non-profit organizations in an effort to give $5,000 to the “most” deserving one. A wonderful use of social media and philanthropy, for sure.

Matan has maintained a high ranking in this initial round of nominations and “likes”, and we’re extremely proud and so appreciative of the ongoing support. However, we simply been blown away by the content of the comments about Matan. We have read nominations from parents, grandparents, school administrators, teens who have volunteered with us, and even directors of other Jewish non-profit organizations.

Matan’s staff and board work day in and day out to change the landscape of how children with special needs are included in the fabric of Jewish life, particularly in Jewish education programs. While there are challenges for a small organization working to change the world, Kveller has given us the unexpected opportunity to hear first-hand why our work is well worth the effort. Yes, initially our goal was to win the generous $5,000 grant from Harold Grinspoon (and we still hope to!). But this challenge became so much more. Thank you to Kveller and to The Grinspoon Foundation for giving us this chance to hear first-hand how we have effected Jewish life for institutions and for individuals.

To “like” one of Matan’s nominations, or to make your own, simply go to Kveller’s facebook page.

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