Abilities vs. Disabilities

I am such a proud mother. My kids are simply fantastic and I love them to the moon and back. They continually surprise and amaze me; every day I learn something new from them. I’m pleased to [...]

The Lucky Ones

Written by Betsy Plevan, Ken Plevan and Bill Plevan Since our son and brother Jeff Plevan died nearly two years ago, we have often reflected on how much his connection to Jewish life meant to him [...]

Inclusion Is Great. Now What?

The following article originally ran on The New Normal, a blog of the NY Jewish Week. We are proud to share this piece here as the author has also been a mentor in our Matan Institutes. The [...]

The Other Side of the Bookstore

“Excuse me, where’s the parenting section?” “What exactly are you looking for?” “Nothing specific,” I lied. “Just browsing.” The truth was that I had just come from the doctor, where I had been [...]