It Is Better To Be Curious Than Anxious

As parents, each day has the potential for new or unexpected experiences and the resultant unintended consequences. A few weeks ago, I decided to take my younger son to the park on an [...]

The Importance of Self Advocacy

We are excited to bring you an excellent article from If you are not familiar with this outstanding resource, we encourage you to explore all that they have to offer. At a Glance [...]

Including Caily – A Reflection

I am always asked why I fight so hard for inclusion. Why do I care so much? The short answer? I believe that God wants every person to be in this world. The Torah teaches us that people with [...]

Matan – A Gift

Written by Rabbi Dan Grossman Surely every child is a unique gift. The story of our ancestors begins the year with a story of a child, a gift, unique and beloved. The child of Abraham and Sara, [...]

Back To School

Our sons attend a vibrant new community day school in Rockland County, New York. With smaller classes than in the public school, energetic and motivated teachers and staff, and a friendly and [...]