What’s Your Dream of Inclusion?

I recently took my kids to see the Disney Pixar movie, “The Good Dinosaur”. If you’re not familiar with the story, the film explores what the world would have been like if dinosaurs had never [...]

An Intentional Transformation

Rochester’s Jewish community is in the midst of an intentional transformation. The Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester is working with representatives of many of our Jewish institutions [...]

The Lucky Ones

Written by Betsy Plevan, Ken Plevan and Bill Plevan Since our son and brother Jeff Plevan died nearly two years ago, we have often reflected on how much his connection to Jewish life meant to him [...]

Good Will Hunter

Written by Dori Frumin Kirshner, Matan’s Executive Director Another invitation to a bar mitzvah arrived in our mailbox. I envisioned a typical service followed by the usual photo montage [...]

We Are In the Dark Ages

Written by Jodi Samuels, this post originally appeared on MetroImma – an online community for Jewish moms. Last week I attended the Matan Educators conference. Matan’s mission is to ensure [...]

In With the In Crowd

This article was originally published in Tablet Magazine, August, 2010 – By following the link to the actual article, you will also find many worthwhile comments. As I write this, kids are [...]

Cause for Celebration

This letter, written by Matan Executive Director Dori Frumin Kirshner, appeared in the Washington Jewish Week on June 16, 2010. “The news of the planned collaboration between Yeshiva [...]