A Fire to Inspire – Parashat Shemini

Parashat Shemini begins with the ordination of Aaron and his sons. Almost without warning or fanfare, they are brought before the entire community, washed with water, dressed up with appropriate [...]

The Power of Playdates

I never remember playdates being a “thing” when I was growing up. Now, as a parent, it is all the rage. My children frequently wonder aloud why they have playdates on certain days and not on [...]

Truly Celebrating Our Children

Sitting in a café, waiting for my next meeting, slowly sipping coffee, playing on my phone, while actively trying not to listen to the two women sitting next to me. That quickly proved [...]

Holding My Father’s Machzor

My recollections of childhood High Holidays in Brooklyn are suffused with images of my parents’ cerebral palsy disability, and how that impacted our celebration of the New Year. Although I [...]

In With the In Crowd

This article was originally published in Tablet Magazine, August, 2010 – By following the link to the actual article, you will also find many worthwhile comments. As I write this, kids are [...]

Cause for Celebration

This letter, written by Matan Executive Director Dori Frumin Kirshner, appeared in the Washington Jewish Week on June 16, 2010. “The news of the planned collaboration between Yeshiva [...]