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Survey: Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders!

Meredith Polsky

As many of you know, there is little information about the changing needs of adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) to guide those planning programs and services. That is why the UJA Federation of New York and the Autism Science Foundation are asking adults with ASD (and their parents or guardians) to complete a survey addressing what is going well in daily life, and what is a challenge. The results of this survey will inform decision making with regard to which programs should be expanded and which may no longer be of value.

We invite you to take this survey by joining the Interactive Autism Network (IAN) – the world’s largest online autism research project — and then completing the UJA Adult with ASD Survey. As a member of IAN, you’ll be informed about future surveys and studies, with a chance to provide ongoing input regarding the experience of adults with ASD over time. IAN registration and this survey can be completed entirely online and will take approximately 20 minutes.

You are eligible to participate in IAN and the UJA Adult with ASD Survey if you live in the New York metropolitan area and are:

  • An adult with ASD who is independent
    (that is, you are not under anyone’s legal guardianship)
  • The parent of an independent adult with ASD
    (that is, your adult son or daughter with ASD is not under legal guardianship and maintains the right to make their own medical and legal decisions)
  • The legally authorized representative of a dependent adult with ASD
    (For example, you may have legal guardianship or medical power of attorney for the adult with ASD)

If you’d like to read the IAN Research study consent form, including privacy policies, before continuing, click here.

To begin registration and the survey, click on the link below:

UJA-Federation Adults with Autism Survey

If you have any questions, the IAN team is happy to answer them for you. You can contact them at 1-866-348-3440 or

Your participation is critical, and will inform those planning programs about which resources and services adults with ASD and their families need most. Thank you in advance for your support!

Alison Singer
President, Autism Science Foundation

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