Shema For All Learners

No two minds think alike and we each benefit from being taught in such a way that embraces our needs.  This is known as differentiating instruction for all learners.  This can be accomplished in a variety of ways.  Today we are highlighting an example of differentiating instrucion through the use of multimedia & technology integration.   Download the SHEMA FOR ALL LEARNERS.  It is in the form of a powerpoint presentation.  View the presentation as a slide show and turn up the volume on your computer.  You will notice that the slide contains the Shema in Hebrew, English and in transliteration it is also depicted in picture symbols.  There are also volume icons throughout.  Click on each icon to hear the Shema in full or word for word.  Students can use this to practice the Shema and.  It appeals to visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners as it incorporates sound, sight and using the mouse to click the icons falls in the kinesthetic category.  This is also something that can be used at a B’nai Mitzvah for students who are non-verbal.  The tefila can be projected on a large screen and the student can click on the words of the prayer just as if they were singing it aloud.