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Meredith Polsky

Slingshot 16, MatanMatan has been named one of North America’s top 50 innovative Jewish organizations in the eleventh annual Slingshot Guide. The Guide has become a go-to resource for volunteers, activists and donors looking for new opportunities and projects that, through their innovative nature, will ensure the Jewish community remains relevant and thriving.

Selected from among hundreds of finalists reviewed by 93 professionals with expertise in grant-making and Jewish communal life, the Guide praised Matan for its unwavering belief that the inclusion of children with special needs is a communal responsibility of all Jewish schools.

Organizations included in this year’s Guide were evaluated on their innovative approach, the impact they have in their work, the leadership they have in their sector, and their effectiveness at achieving results. Matan is proud to be among the 50 organizations honored for meeting those criteria. The organizations included in the Guide are driving the future of Jewish life and engagement by motivating new audiences to participate in their work and responding to the needs of individuals and communities – both within and beyond the Jewish community – as never before.

“Matan is proud to be selected in this year’s guide, and thrilled to be part of the amazing community of innovative Jewish organizations. We are honored to have been included for 6 years, and that Slingshot recognizes Matan’s constantly evolving innovative approach towards inclusion in the Jewish community.” said Dori Frumin Kirshner, Matan’s Executive Director.

Added Stefanie Rhodes, Executive Director of Slingshot, which publishes the Guide each year, “Slingshot’s work is to help Jews find, fund and connect to meaningful, exciting experiences in Jewish life. After 11 years, the book remains relevant because it continues to highlight organizations doing exceptional work, serving as the trailblazers for what is possible.

To read more about Matan and the other organizations included in Slingshot, or to order your own copy of the guide, please visit

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