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Matan at ISJL Conference

Meredith Polsky

Surrounded by more than one hundred dedicated Jewish educators from all sized congregations – from the smallest serving two Jewish families to those with memberships of more than five hundred – my recent experience at the annual educators’ conference of the Institute for Southern Jewish Life (ISJL) was nothing less than invigorating and amazing. As a second year presenter, this year’s conference in Jackson, Mississippi was as exciting as if it was my first. Serving a thirteen-state southern and western area, the ISJL provides Jewish cultural experiences, education resources, rabbinic guidance and other consultative services to synagogues. ISJL brought Matan to their conference as experts in Jewish special education, recognizing the importance of educating their constituents in topics related to including all types of learners.  I had the opportunity to meet with various tracks ranging from principal educators to Hebrew teachers to grade level cohorts. It was affirming and exciting to be with a group of such dedicated Jewish educators.  Matan thanks ISJL for including us and for their continued commitment to children with different learning needs.


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