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Full Seder Visual Schedule

Meredith Polsky

The full traditional seder is usually very long, and can be overwhelming to follow. This visual schedule makes the structure easier to understand, and breaks the seder down into manageable parts. By clicking on either link below, you will find:

  • a visual Order of the Seder
  • a visual schedule for each cup
  • a visual schedule for the meal

The visual support allows Seder participants who might be confused (for any reason) to better understand what is happening, and what to expect, throughout the Seder.

Simply click on the links below to download, print and enjoy! Happy Passover!

Seder visual schedule 11×17 (larger print)

Seder visual schedule 8.5×11 (smaller print)

Ruti Regan; Matan

Rabbi Ruti Regan has served as Matan’s Rabbinic Disability Scholar in Residence since 2016. In this capacity, Rabbi Regan researches Jewish disability issues, and creates resources that enable Jewish educators to solve problems. Rabbi Regan has developed innovative experiential professional training sessions for educators, liturgical resources for use in direct instruction, resources for teaching Jewish children about disability, curricular resources, and public webinars advancing the Jewish disability conversation.
Rabbi Regan approaches inclusive Jewish education as a pedagogical content knowledge problem. In order to create an effective Jewish conversation, Jewish educators need to understand how the world looks to their students with and without disabilities — and which methods are and aren’t effective. Rabbi Regan brings expertise from her rabbinic studies, her collaborations with other professionals, her research, and her work as a disabled disability advocate. Rabbi Regan seeks out the silos disability knowledge is created in, and applies what she learns to Jewish educational content.
Rabbi Regan also serves Anachnu, the Jewish organization for disability-informed Torah and inclusive community. In that role, she creates disability-informed spiritual leadership training for Jewish clergy, writes disability-informed commentary on Torah and liturgy, and leads a weekly Twitter-based parsha discussion group.  She is a sought out speaker and trainer. In addition to her work with educators, Rabbi Regan has taught disabled disability advocates, medical professionals, rabbis, cantors, interfaith groups, and at congregations across the country.
Rabbi Regan was ordained by JTS in 2017, with an MA in Liturgy and Ritual Arts. She is a member of the Rabbinical Assembly Disability Inclusion Committee. Before JTS, Rabbi Regan studied in the Drisha Institute Scholar’s Circle, and at the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem.


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