Daily Introspection Through a Mood Tracker

Daily Introspection Through a Mood Tracker I have never been able to successfully be a “diary person”. I know lots of people who have detailed records of their lives in their diaries. They are [...]


I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder at 8 years old. Throughout my life, ADHD has impacted my life in different ways, but it was always most notable in the classroom. [...]

Water: An Autistic Journey

For many Autistic people, there is one form of sensory input that is calming, focusing or perhaps invigorating. For me, this is water.   I had not spent a lot of time thinking about the [...]

Making True Friends

Making friends can be hard, especially when you are different either mentally or physically. I am lucky to have had the same two best friends since I was in kindergarten. Most peoples’ [...]