A Parent’s Perspective

We’ve been doing a lot of thinking over the past couple of months about what the best educational setting is for R. Much like our questions about camps, we’ve wondered if we are doing the right [...]

The Power of Playdates

I never remember playdates being a “thing” when I was growing up. Now, as a parent, it is all the rage. My children frequently wonder aloud why they have playdates on certain days and not on [...]

Camp Without A Formal Program

As we become comfortable in our school routines and celebrate joyous Fall holidays, we can, believe it or not, already turn our attention to next Summer. It’s never too soon to begin [...]

Back To School

Our sons attend a vibrant new community day school in Rockland County, New York. With smaller classes than in the public school, energetic and motivated teachers and staff, and a friendly and [...]

Ready To Dance

Shortly before the camp season ended, on the morning of Camp Ramah’s Festivale, R turned to me and said, “Mommy, last summer I needed Rachel to carry me but this year, I am ready to dance on my [...]