Back To School

Our sons attend a vibrant new community day school in Rockland County, New York. With smaller classes than in the public school, energetic and motivated teachers and staff, and a friendly and [...]

Holding My Father’s Machzor

My recollections of childhood High Holidays in Brooklyn are suffused with images of my parents’ cerebral palsy disability, and how that impacted our celebration of the New Year. Although I [...]

Matan, Inc. (No Relation!)

This is the first post in our new series, Reflections from the Matan Institutes. We are thrilled to feature this post by Rabbi Shelley Kniaz of Temple Emanuel of the Pascack Valley. My son Matan [...]

Building Trust in a Classroom

How can we build this kind of trust in our classrooms? Rarely use the word “wrong” Students need to know that you won’t press a buzzer every time they make a comment or ask a question, no matter [...]

The Student Becomes The Teacher

The following post originally ran on Zeh Lezeh, the blog of The Ruderman Family Foundation. By: Rabbi Charles S. Sherman For a lot of us, August is a month of transition — still trying to squeeze [...]