Order of the Seder

Use this VISUAL GUIDE to follow along during the seder.  Use a sticker to mark off which parts have already been completed.

10 Plagues Memory Game

Assembly Directions: Print out these four documents which contain the 10 plague memory cards.  Cut each card out making sure that every plague picture is attached to a colored box.  Fold the [...]

Stigma and Non-Disclosure

Written by Michelle Wolf, this post originally appeared on her blog, Jews With Special Needs Which comes first, the decision to disclose sensitive personal information, or the fear of stigma that [...]

We Are In the Dark Ages

Written by Jodi Samuels, this post originally appeared on MetroImma – an online community for Jewish moms. Last week I attended the Matan Educators conference. Matan’s mission is to ensure [...]

Shema For All Learners

No two minds think alike and we each benefit from being taught in such a way that embraces our needs.  This is known as differentiating instruction for all learners.  This can be accomplished in [...]